Who we are?

Traffic Guard is a startup in the information security field that focuses on producing an anti-spam solution using a new filtering algorithm.

Unsolicited email or SPAM is one of the major problems on the Internet; it consumes time, bandwidth and decreases productivity of the end user. It is estimated that 80% of email traffic on the Internet is spam, which in turn costs money. Therefore, Traffic Guar uses an innovative way that promises a new approach in fighting spam that will save resources and reduce costs for ISPs, corporate, as well as normal users.

Competitive Advantages

  • No maintenance costs (Receiving emails, storing, sorting, deleting)
  • No lost storage capacity
  • No false positives (Normal emails marked as SPAM and redirected to Junk/SPAM mail folder
  • No lost employees’ productivity (deleting or responding to undetected SPAM emails)
  • Save resources and investment in terms of bandwidth, storage, and time.
  • Prevent security risks as some viruses and phishing attacks use spam as a carrier


  • Reducing or eliminating the incentives for spammers to spam.

Ibdaa startup in Al-Quds University


  • IbrahemAbdeljaber
  • Mohammad Abu Ayyash
  • Omar Dhaher
  • Islam Hmeidat
  • Sharef Mustafa


Ibdaa Company- Palestine
Mobile: +970 56 8888003
1. info@ibdaa.ps
2. raya.shunnar@ibdaa.ps
Nablus- An-Najah National University
Abu Dis- Alquds University
Hebron- Palestine Polytechnic University
Jenin- Arab American University of Jenin



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