Driven by the aspiration of an economically robust and socially just Palestine, Leaders was founded in 2002 in the economic hub of Ramallah. Since then, we have grown as an organization, both in scope and expertise to implement dozens of projects. We are the leader in supporting the cutting edge of digital development and entrepreneurship, developing Palestine’s first and only Technology Park. Though our impact in the sector is significant, Leaders’ work is far from limited to the Digital Entrepreneurship Program. The wide range of projects and our network of donor and beneficiary partners in the Socio-economic Program allow us to support economic development, economic self-sufficiency and sustainability, as well as the building of effective advocacy for many marginalized groups in Palestine.

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Ibdaa Company- Palestine
Mobile: +970 56 8888003
Nablus- An-Najah National University
Abu Dis- Alquds University
Hebron- Palestine Polytechnic University
Jenin- Arab American University of Jenin



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