1. You Have an Idea

You have a creative technological idea or a creative solution for one of of industrial sector problems, that might leads to an improvement of a special sector.

2. Prepare Your Team

The team could consist up to 5 members “students  or university staff members"

  • University staff member: full time academic or administrative member with an academic degree.
  • Student: postgraduate student or new graduate student (maximum graduate before 1.5 years)

3. Initial Registration

Fill the application form after visiting Ibdaa website: www.ibdaa.ps

4. Send Application form

Make sure your project follows these tips:

  • Clear problem, clear solution and clear opportunities for your project.
  • Clear legal structure for your startup company.
  • Obvious Marketing Plan.
  • Intelligible project budget.
  • Expected & target markets.

5. Register Your Startup Company

You need to register your startup company legaly if your team was selected to move to next level. Ibdaa will provide needed help for registration stage.

6. Get a Place to work inside your University

If your team was selcted, Ibdaa will provide you a special place to work from within your university.

7. Technical & Financial Assistance

Ibdaa will offer your winning team the needed technical and financial support by introducing investors & VCs.

8. Commit to Your Specified Schedule.

Your winning team should be committed to their milestones schedule you’ve described in your project description.

Ibdaa provides you with all needed documents to make your startup proffessional:


Ibdaa Company- Palestine
Mobile: +970 56 9290360
Email: info@ibdaa.ps
Nablus- An-Najah National University
Abu Dis- Alquds University
Hebron- Palestine Polytechnich University
Jenin- Arab American University of Jenin