Ibdaa will work with you to make your idea comes true, you will receive the following services as a team in Ibdaa

1- Mature Business Idea; Ibdaa conducts special sessions with each universities teams to develop their ideas, find rooms of improvement and get rid of weakness points.

2- Formulate Team; if you don't have a team of different specializations, we'll help you to formulate your team in a way that would optimize your work efficiency.

3- Improve Needed Technical Skills; This is the main point that any investor will look for when meeting any startup, Ibdaa will work with you on developing your presenting skills, business & planning skills, this will forsure enhance your capability of surviving and improving your business and of course increasing your chance for investment when meeting VCs and important investors.

Ibdaa stages

  • Initial Idas Stage:
    • Application Administration Review
    • Application Technical Review
    • Invite Teams to discuss their Ideas
    • Guiding Teams to Mature their Ideas
  • Ideas Maturity Stage:
    • Working with Teams to Mature their Ideas.
    • Working with Teams to Build Initial BP.
    • Pitching Training Sessions.
    • First Pitching Session
  • Teams Formulation/ Startup Stage:
    • Business Planning Training Session
    • Financial Forcasting Training Session
    • Possible Partners Investment
    • Possible Startups Registeration
  • Startups with Prototypes Stage:
    • Possible Incubation
    • Possible Seed Fund Investment





Ibdaa Company- Palestine
Mobile: +970 56 8888003
1. info@ibdaa.ps
2. raya.shunnar@ibdaa.ps
Nablus- An-Najah National University
Abu Dis- Alquds University
Hebron- Palestine Polytechnic University
Jenin- Arab American University of Jenin



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